Course Length: 10 days

Pre Requisites:

(M-1/R-1) Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase 1,

Or, (ES-1) Composite Essentials for Engineers and Managers course,

Plus, any three (or more) of the following Abaris courses.

  • Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair - Phase 2 (R-2)
  • Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair - Phase 3 (R-3)
  • Composite Manufacturing (M-2)
  • Adhesive Bonding of Composites and Metals (M-4/R-7)
  • Resin Infusion Technologies (M-5)
  • Mold Fabrication for Production and Repairs (M-6/R-8)

Note – This course requires students to have a working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation software. 


This course is offered to those persons who are currently teaching, or those who wish to teach subjects related to advanced composite materials, manufacturing, or repair. This course is designed to allow a dedicated student to be able to instruct at his/her home organization to the level of Abaris Training standards.


This program of instruction is designed to train each person how to teach advanced composite subjects with the technical expertise and confidence necessary to engage their own students.  The focus of the first week of the course is the science of teaching. It begins with a comprehensive examination of course development strategies using a systems approach to training (SAT) followed by lessons and exercises specifically aimed at training adult students. The second week of the course builds on the first week’s activities by focusing on teaching composite-specific subjects where the accuracy of the information presented is emphasized.

Students will develop and present PowerPoint® presentations to their peers in class every day.  Each presentation will be recorded, reviewed, and constructive feedback will be provided by the group. At the end of the course, students will be furnished a copy of their presentations and metrics showing their progression in the course.


Key Lecture Topics:

Workshop Exercises:

  • 5 to 10-minute presentations
  • Peer feedback sessions
  • Class preparation exercises
  • Lab Project Development
  • 15-minute final presentation
  • Video presentation reviews with instructor