Course Length: 10 days

Pre Requisites:

M-1/R-1 Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase I, or ES-1 Composite Essentials  for Engineers and Managers course, along with three other 5-day courses of choice.


The certificate program is offered to those persons who are currently teaching, or those that wish to teach subjects related to advanced composite materials, manufacturing, or repair. This course is designed as part of Abaris’ train-the-trainer (TTT) program that allows a dedicated student to become an Abaris “Certified Composite Instructor: Level I.” It is an opportunity to learn and grow with the best trainers in the world.


This workshop will test and measure the student’s level of knowledge in composite materials & processes, as well as their presentation and communication skills. Each attendee will be graded upon these abilities and certified to a list of training standards.

The program is designed to train each person how to teach advanced composite subjects with the technical expertise and confidence necessary to engage their own students.

Prerequisites: The Level I program requires the prospective trainer to graduate from the M-1/R-1 Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase I or the ES-1 Composite Essentials for Engineers and Managers course, along with three other 5-day courses of their choice to qualify for this intensive 10 day certification workshop.

*Note: If the student has graduated from any 5-day courses within the past 5-years, those courses will be credited towards the course requisites. They may attend additional courses, if necessary, at their own pace to qualify for certification. Abaris will offer at least one certification workshop annually as well as re-certification courses every two years.


Key Lecture Topics:

  • Objectives
  • Video Introductions
  • Questions for the training expert
  • Why People resist change
  • 10 Principles of Learning
  • Effective Training
  • Focus on the Trainee
  • Focus on the Trainer
  • Systematic Approach to Training
  • Developing a Lesson Plan
  • Classroom Dynamics
  • Review of topics; Composite Materials, Vacuum Bagging, Layup Techniques, Tooling, Adhesive Bonding, Tooling, NDI Techniques, etc.

Workshop Exercises:

  • 5-min Composite “Pop Presentations
  • Peer feedback sessions
  • Class preparation exercises
  • Lab Project Development”
  • 20 min final presentation
  • Video presentation reviews with certifying instructor