Course Length: 5 days

Pre Requisites:

ER-1 Aerospace Repair Analysis and Substantiation course


This course is an advanced level course designed for degree-qualified aerospace and mechanical engineers who are responsible for the design analysis and substantiation of repairs to both primary and secondary composite structures.  All students are required to have completed the ER-1 Aerospace Repair Analysis and Substantiation course to be prepared to explore a more in depth analysis of repairs to global structures.


This course provides analysis techniques for the bonded and bolted joint calculations for composite repairs, Damage Tolerance for composite repairs, and rapid Finite Element Analysis composite repairs. The joint analysis addresses precise solutions to the most advanced bonded and bolted joint analysis, covering both precured doubler and co-cured scarf joints. The Damage Tolerance portion addresses the latest industry guidance on threat assessment, damage types, the effects of damage severity, and the substantiation of damage resistance and residual strength. Both hand calculations and simplified FEA is used to determine the load redistribution for the damaged and repaired areas.


Classroom Topics:

• Axial and flexural stiffness in a composite repair.

• Stress concentrations in the surrounding structure caused by a repair stiffness that is too low or too high.

• Ground breaking new solutions to adhesive bonded joint analysis to analyze the bond between the original structure and the repair for both secondarily bonded doublers and scarf repairs.

• The rapid evaluation of a repair configuration with Finite Element Analysis.

• Evaluation of allowable damage to composite structure.

• Damage Tolerance, Durability, and Damage Resistance for composite aircraft structures, and how these principles are evaluated in developing a composite repair.

Workshop Exercises:

The workshop topics involve fabricating, repairing, and testing composite elements and detail panels comprised of:

• Solid laminate panels

• Sandwich stiffened panels

• Stringer stiffened panels