Course Length: 5 days

Pre Requisites:

No formal prerequisite is required, however, (M-1/R-1) Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase 1 is highly recommended to those with little or no composite experience.


Regardless of the make and model of the helicopter, accomplishing durable, high-quality rotor blade repairs requires a certain knowledge and skill set. This course is designed for helicopter mechanics, maintenance personnel, and inspectors looking to achieve sound repairs to composite rotor blades. This five-day course will provide the knowledge and teach the skills necessary to effect quality helicopter rotor blade repairs in-house with a high degree of confidence, and a shorter turn-around time.


The ability to accurately interpret manufacturer’s repair instructions is contingent upon understanding certain basic concepts. Therefore, lecture topics will stress; the basics of adhesive technology, surface preparation of composites, bond-line control, cure cycles & process controls, treatment of contaminated areas, lightning strike protection, and follow-on maintenance.  The basics of composite materials and processes are discussed in detail.  Subjects like vacuum bagging, proper resin selection and mixing, and repair design are also addressed.

During the week, students will be challenged by several shop exercises. These exercises will consist of evaluating damaged sections of a rotor blades, consulting the repair instructions, and effecting the repair accordingly using process control equipment (hot-bonders). Students may also evaluate their finished repairs both destructively, and non-destructively.


Lecture Topics

  • Basic Rotor Blade Design For Mechanics
  • Advanced Composite Basics 
  • Adhesive Bonding Of Composite Materials
  • Surface Prep of Metals (Emphasis on Aluminum)
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • Health & Safety concerns
  • Repair Equipment/process controls (hot bonders)
  • Repair instruction/procedures

Workshop Exercises

  • Vacuum bagging practice
  • Composite blade repair (Multiple schemes)
  • Hot bond repairs with portable equipment